Short Ram Intakes

Knowing that the budget constraints seem unbearable at times and stop you from buying the needed parts and accessories, we have assembled a great collection of automotive components here. You can choose any which category to personalize your vehicle and get it done at affordable rates. Getting a quality product that delivers maximum efficiency is hard to find, so you need to look for an authorized and dependable seller that can fulfill your needs perfectly. The short ram air intake system is a form of aftermarket air intake for automobiles that have internal combustion engines. It is put in the place of OEM air intake with a small metal pipe and a pointed air filter inside the engine bay. A significant boost in intake air volume happens in an engine. To get best injen short ram intakes you only need to know your vehicle’s features, so that we can offer you the best. The Short Ram intakes that we possess come with high-flow Dryflow air filter and the manufacturers have performed extensive temperature testing to place filter in the coolest part of the engine compartment. It is a well known fact that many vehicles perform better with the shorter intake length. Another advantage of short ram intakes is that it fits entirely in the engine compartment and is simpler to install. At 360tuners, you would get the best injen short ram intakes that deliver increased performance. We give you warranty and affordable cost to make your purchase perfect and cost effective.