Parking Sensors

360tuners’ultrasonic parking sensors are designed for all cars, SUVs, trucks and vans. This affordable wireless parking sensors enhances the process of parallel and backup parking designed for your concerns about safety and for vehicles that have poor rear visibility. The 360tuners line of garage parking Sensors is an effective and affordable device for any driver who cares about safety and protection of their vehicle. The poor rear visibility of many cars, SUVs and other large vehicles increases the risk of hitting obstacles such as another vehicle, small object, or even people when driving in reverse. With rear and front parking sensors installed, drivers can lower the risk of collision when backing up or parallel parking. These rear parking sensors is a safety device for driving in reverse. The basic Aftermarket parking sensor kit consists of multiple ultrasonic detectors and sensors, a control unit and a buzzer. The ultrasonic parking sensors will work automatically to detect the obstacles at the rear of your car at any time while the car is in reverse. The 360tuners car parking sensors are weather proof. While backing up your car at the distance between 5ft and 0m away from the obstacle the garage parking sensor will alert the driver with three different alarm sounds the distance between the obstacle and the car. We have regularly provided our clients low priced remarkable quality auto lights making us the most favored store today. 360tuners is the ultimate shopping destination for your entire car parking sensor needs.

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