Being the leader of automotive industry, Mazda has offered various fashionable and result oriented vehicles to vast spread driving enthusiasts. The company was founded in 1920, in Hiroshima Japan as Tokyo Cork Kogyo. Before taking up automobiles, the automaker began producing machinery tools. After the name changed to Toyo Kogyo, Ltd. in 1927, The Mazdago was its first wagon that offered a combination of motorcycle and small pickup truck, which was developed using three wheels. Mazda was the term chosen by Jujiro Matsuda in the admiration of the Zoroastrian god of good and light. Mazda redirected its operation to Japan's involvment in World War II that paused the strength of brand for a while. In 1960, Mazda’s first genuine entrant came in, ‘the R360’. It provided the compactness, efficiency, and affordability to car buyers. Models like Carol and B-Series pickup trucks were released soon after it. In 1970, Mazda was imported by US, which made RX-2 the first model to reach the nation. In 70s, Mazda aimed at regaining its position by offering the fashionable, fuel-efficient vehicles during oil crisis. American car buyers got attracted towards that lineup and accepted it happily. By the end of decade, RX-7 was introduced and got acknowledged instantly due to its, Wankel rotary engine. In spite of the fact that the brand was getting fair deal of acceptance by car enthusiasts, the company struggled financially.

:: Mazda Models ::

In 90s, Mazda make a comeback and hit the market with greater force. In 1994, Mazda announced using Miller cycle engine for Millenia. Models like Navajo, the MX-6, and the MX-3 were three other brands that got quite noticed by people. The MX-5 Miata also gave a high to drivers by giving them a cost-effective and performance oriented vehicle. There are various vehicles and auto parts for which the brand is recognized worldwide. Regardless of the stiff competition that prevailed in market, The Tribute, a compact SUV had been able to attract new buyers towards Mazda. Another impactful midsize crossover that falls in the similar category is CX-7. On the other hand, Mazda6 and Mazda3 are the prime reasons why Mazda is rated among one of the top sellers. To retain this popularity, Mazda has been flooring in new and advanced designs after every interval. The capability of Mazda can be well restrained only if you brace your vehicle with best quality auto parts and accessories. To make your wish come true, we have gathered a huge variety of Mazda parts and accessories under one floor. Now you can find any of the auto products while sitting at home without thinking much about the functionality.


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With 360 tuners, you can avail the best Mazda auto parts to enhance the efficiency of your vehicle. There is an amazingly impressive line of vehicles that Mazda has showcased. All these models have need of superior parts to perform ceaselessly. The versatility of brand can be taken care of only if you have best technical support to back up your vehicle. We offer you that incessant support by providing all that you need and deserve to acquire.