In 1917 Henry Leland of Cadillac founded Lincoln. It has been a name equal to luxury among bold Americans. In the start, The Lincoln Motor Company produced airplane engines during World War I. after the war Lincoln changed its course to producing high-end vehicles and auto parts. The introduction to automotive industry was fabulous as Lincoln fought with the financial instability very well. In 1922, Ford took over Lincoln for $8,000,000 and speedily became one of the country's top-selling luxury carmakers.In the initial years of 20s, Lincoln offered four-door sedans, a two-passenger roadster, a limousine, and a seven-passenger sedan. In 1924, Lincoln lineup presented features like four-wheel brakes, gun racks, whistle connected to exhaust system etc. In 1936, Lincoln Zephyr premiered and brought a dramatic change in the sales figure of the company. Zephyr had a modern design that presented an aerodynamic shape that was sleeker as compared to its competitors. The brand kept the momentum with its developed technique and innovative approach. The fame of the Continental helped the automaker progress in the 40s and Mark II froze that success. In 60s, a new age of automotives was discovered by the brand. They showcased suicide doors in the rear and also started service for the President of the United States as an official vehicle.

:: Lincoln Models ::

In 1981, the town car debuted under this banner. Lincoln is also known to be the first automaker who offered Antilock brakes. Few changes took place in Mark VI and the Mark VII too that included a European feel and smaller size and shape. 90s was the time of breakthrough for Lincolns. During that time, Mark VIII arrived and lured buyers with its four-cam V8 power and improved air suspension. By the end of decade the company launched its first ever SUV, Navigator. It became an instant hit and got acclaimed as a luxury-SUV. Apart from this model, MKZ gained fair deal of accolade as it was outfitted with Duratec V6. Its affordability added to its fame. It this became a strong competitor for Euro-inspired models.


:: Parts & Accessories ::

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