Lexus, as a division of Toyota has been the top manufacturer of luxury vehicles and SUVs. Not only were this but the genuine parts were also manufactured since 1989. The brand got a new birth with a special project that came its way in 1983. This project headed for developing a luxury sedan for American drivers. The trial model got succeeded and became popular as Lexus LS eventually. For first fourteen years, the vehicle and parts of Lexus used to be assembled in Japan. There were various plants where this assembling process took place including those of Toyota in Tahara, Chubu, Aichi, and Miyata, Fukuoka. In 2003, first time when Lexus RX 330 was manufactured outside Japan i.e. in Canada. Since then, Lexus has been featuring the best luxury designs including LS, GS and RX. It is company’s outstanding efficiency that brought various awards and accolades for safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction. LS 400 was the first model that arrived as a graceful luxury sedan with rear-wheel drive. It was also equipped with 4.0L V8. Another model which was unveiled along with it was ES 250. Although it presented Camry's 2.5L V6 (156 HP) yet one could figure out other differences in Camry and ES. This Lexus model displayed bolder grille, real wood accents, leather upholstery, and a Pioneer stereo. Other Lexus vehicles that came after it gathered great deal of praise and attention by the critics as well as driving enthusiasts. The foremost reason behind this soaring success was the aggressive marketing approach of company.

:: Lexus Models ::

Apart from Best Import Car of the Year (1989) LS 400 succeeded to win various other awards after the first year of its launch. After the success of LS 400, ES 250 floored in with SC Coupe 400. In 1991, midsize GS came in and turned as the most celebrated sedan of this brand. With the advancing 90s, Lexus expanded its horizon too, which made it an acclaimed brand for luxury vehicles. The old players of luxury auto world felt threatened with this huge accomplishment of Lexus. The company kept producing top notch quality and exemplary vehicles over next few years. The brand remained in news for a long time for its models like RX and SC 430. IS and GX made a stunning appearance and sustained the popularity of brand. The reputation of Lexus has been established with its powerful performance and luxurious comfort. In 2004, two million vehicles were sold in US. The efficiency level kept on growing with time and people got fonder of it.


:: Parts & Accessories ::

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