It’s been more than sixty years that Land Rover has made its presence felt in the world of SUVs. Its versatile and luxurious designs have lured drivers all around. They have been manufacturing best crossovers and quality parts since very long. The company has been known for its innovative approach and undying focus. The first of its models was designed by Maurice Wilks, who headed legendary English automaker Rover. The design was inspired by the model from riding in a post-World War II Jeep. The first Land Rover was introduced as “Center Steer” and made using Jeep framework. The body of this vehicle was quite bigger as compared to its corresponding vehicle. In the beginning, this name Land Rover was used by the Rover Company for one of their models, which was launched in 1948.

:: Land Rover Models ::

Maurice Wilks finished the Series 1 design along with his brother Spencer. This series presented 4-wheel drive, canvas roof and optional doors. When you are travelling, this vehicle gives you utmost comfort, since it works wonders on all terrains. It is easy to handle on and off road. Series II came in 1958, and deemed more competent that the earlier. This series was available in 2, 4 door and 2-door pickup truck. Similarly, the series IIA was built on the chassis of Series II. Its vehicles showcased more power with its 2.25L diesel engine. This series was particularly known and acknowledged for its outstanding performance. One could get this as both a shortened wheelbase with a soft top or a 5-door station wagon. Afterwards, Rover was held over by Leyland Motors and Range Rover was all set to hit the market. The Rover debuted in 1970 was furbished with V8, which turned out to be a major accomplishment for the company sales department. Its aluminum body drove many people crazy.


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In the mid of 1980s, the company went through another changing phase when British Aerospace took over the brand. Range Rover hit American market after two years in 1987. In 1995, the company was taken over by BMW and since after that it started concentrating on the luxury section. As the 90s were drawing to an end Land Rover brought in another model, compact Freelander. It was facilitated with Hill Descent Control and smooth performance. This model received ample of attention and adoration. In 2000, Land Rover went in the hands of Ford from BMW, which was further sold to Indian automaker Tata in 2008. Land Rover is known for its never ending style and capacity. To keep this level you require upgrading this vehicle from time to time. While doing so, you would come across the dire need of auto parts and accessories that possess high quality. At 360tuners, you may get all the essentials that are needed to enhance the efficiency and sustain the capability of you Land Rover vehicle. We have created a huge section of its spare parts belonging to few of the best manufacturers. To make sure that your vehicle gets noticed in the rush of many, we offer you the best parts that add undying style and superlative performance to it.