Even after being launched in 1944, the Korean automaker, Kia started its automobiles manufacturing in the 70s. Till then, the company only dealt in steel tubing, bicycles, bicycle parts and scooters. It was out of interest that the company landed in auto world and by 1974, Brisa, the first model arrived. It was not just Kia’s foremost model but first ever passenger car of Korean make. In 1986, Kia entered into partnership with Ford and the models like Concord, Avella, and Pride were the result of this merger. The vehicle, Pride was exported by Ford as Ford Festiva and similarly Avella was renamed as Aspire. With the arrival of 90s, Kia started selling its own vehicles in US under its own name. Sephia was the first model that introduced this brand in market. It was a compact sedan with four-cylinder engine. With the rising popularity of SUVs, Kia also focused on this area by the mid of decade and manufactured compact crossover Sportage. In 90s, more dealership centers were raised across America. The success can be well estimated with the fact that by the end of 1990, whole of nation had Kia’s dealerships except North Dakota only. However the success story got a little disrupted when Asian Financial crisis hit the market and forced bankruptcy. Hyundai took over 51% of the company in 1998 by excelling over Ford in bidding.

:: Kia Models ::

The coming years saw appearance of many other models that did fairly well in the market. In 2000, Spectra came in view with five-door hatchback and four-door sedan. The vehicles presented smoothness and efficiency. One could easily get attracted towards it, since it was affordable too. Another vehicle, Kia Rio witnessed a great deal of admiration by the masses. It was a sporty subcompact that gathered much appreciation for its high quality and competitive price. Another crossover SUV that joined in 2002 was Sorento, which was followed by Amanti. This full size luxury car had V6 engine and got style updates in 2007. Among the recent models of Kia, subcompact soul was much valued for its outstanding features. The vehicle targeted at the young drivers, Kia soul came with several entertainment features such as USB port, Sirius satellite radio etc. Since the brand is paying attention towards maintaining the agility of its vehicles, therefore the parts and accessories are equipped with cutting edge quality.


:: Parts & Accessories ::

Kia Headlights

Kia Tail Lights

Kia Fog Lights

Kia LED Lights

Kia HID Headlights

Kia Corner Bumper Lights

Kia Side Mirrors

Kia Grill Guards

Kia Billet Grilles

Kia Steering Wheels

Kia Cold Air Intakes

Kia Chrome Accessories

Kia Exhaust Mufflers

Kia Headers

Kia Bumper Lips

Kia Short Rams

Kia Spoilers

Kia Suspension

Kia Strut Bars

Kia Side Bars

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