Jaguar is identified as the most chic and up in style auto brand of the world. It is the leader in the segment of worldwide luxury vehicles and has been holding this position since 1922. The company was founded then by Sir William Lyons and William Walmsley. They were two motorcyclists who had an urge for assembling their own range of bikes and sidecars. By the advent of 30s the company began making passenger cars, as earlier it dealt in sidecars only. The brand name was converted to SS cars ltd. SS Jaguar 100, a two-seat was launched in 1935. After World War II, the name of company was again changed to Jaguar. Very soon, XK 120, which was a popular sports car, arrived in market. This was available as sedan, coupe with six cylinder engine. The full size Mark VII Saloon came to mesmerize American auto industry in 1951. The brand got particularly noticed after winning Monte Carlo Rally in 1956.

:: Jaguar Models ::

Going till 60s, Jaguar had secured a notable position with its models like sporty XK-E (E-Type), full-size Mark X, and the vaunted XJ series. For next ten years, Jaguar remained in news for the faultless designs of XJ6C, XJ-S, and XJ12. After this, jaguar became a name that people started associating with royalty and sophistication. The success tale kept on growing with growing eighties. XJ-S HE was admired for its 295 horsepower engine, which was quite efficient by handling. In 1983, XJ-SC made an inclusion to its existing models. By decade end of that decade too, Jaguar rose above the pack and gave tough competition to all of top European companies like Mercedes and Benz. In 90s, Jaguar first got noticed for XK8 that came in 1996, it was the company’s first model that presented V8 engine. Following it, XJR made its presence in the mid of decade and lured drivers with AJ16, its inline six-cylinder engine. In 1998, S-Type came in and S-Type R made appearance few years later. In 2001, Jaguar showcased X-Type, a compact car with four doors. Initially, it was only available with four-wheel drive but later the model with front-wheel and an optional four cylinder diesel engine.


:: Parts & Accessories ::

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