Isuzu is the brand that is known for excellence and its sky-scraping status in the world of automobiles. It dates back to 1918, when a Shipbuilding and Engineering Company from Tokyo decided to open up automobiles manufacturing. The first car that arrived under this brand was A9 and the one that followed it was a truck, called CP. After the agreement that was crafted between the company and British automaker Rootes Group and the sedan, Hillman Minx that came in 1953, was the outcome of that deal. During 60s many of Isuzu cars were noticed for their superb designs and outstanding functionality. Out of which, more recognized vehicles were Bellett, 117 Coupe and WASP (a light pickup truck). In 1971, the partnership between GM and Isuzu took place, due to the effect of which, Gemini came into being. Isuzu trooper was another two/four door SUV that became an instant hit after being launched. Other models such as Subaru, Rodeo and pickup came in 1980s. With the advent of 90s, Gemini became popular as Stylus and Isuzu started concentrating over SUVs and light trucks in North America.

:: Isuzu Models ::

In 1996, the Chevy S-10 was rebadged as the Hombre for Isuzu but available with less standard equipment. The Hombre would make news again a few years later when poor sales would force Isuzu to pull the plug on the model along with production of its other trucks. With the end of 90s, VehiCROSS, a two-door crossover SUV with a V6 engine made its name for the sporty built. All the attempts that company made for luring buyers with its innovative designs of SUVs did well to company’s position. Various honors and recognition were received for VehiCROSS, including rank among the top ten SUVs of Motor Trend magazine. Vehicles like Axiom and the Ascender added to its popularity throughout the first decade. In 2005, Isuzu entered truck division with its I-Series that was a collection of midsize pickups. The inclusion of economical vehicles to its crossovers and pickups made a big difference to company’s existence in automotive market. The versatility of Isuzu vehicles is remarkable and it works wonders in adding joy to your ride. To make such an experience a reality of your life, we have created this platform, where all of your automobile necessities meet an end conveniently. Here you would get the complete range of Isuzu parts and accessories that you require for boosting the efficiency of your vehicles. No matter, what your model is, it would be no sweating to find the appropriate parts for it.


:: Parts & Accessories ::

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Isuzu Strut Bars

Isuzu Side Bars

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