Infiniti is the luxury segment of Nissan, which began selling vehicles in 1989. Hence it’s more than two decades of Infiniti’s success in the world of automobiles. In the midst of cut-throat m competition, this brand succeeded to create its own space with its firm planning and goal oriented approach. Actually this division was created by Nissan to compete with Acura, Lexus and luxury units of Honda and Toyota. The first car that came under the name of Infiniti was the Q45, which was a full-size sedan with an active suspension system and V8 power. Another vehicle that added to Infiniti’s recognition was M30 Coupe, which came in direct competition with Lexus’s SC. It was though unable to draw more sales for being criticized for its heavier weight and less power. The model eventually got discontinued due to its inability to lure drivers. In 1991, Infiniti G20 came in view, which was admired for being the luxury vehicle of Infiniti. It displayed multi port fuel injection and leather in the core. Further, J30, a sedan with rear wheel arrived in 1992, which had many of its parts acquired from several Nissan models like Cedric, Gloria, and Cima. With the fast pace of 90s, Infiniti got a strong footing on the land of automobiles due to its aggressive advertising. In 1996, Infiniti I30 with the similar engine as of Nissan Maxima appeared, which kept the capacity of 190 horsepower. In 1997, midsize QX4 was launched that got widely acclaimed as first luxury SUV. This vehicle had competence to run better on rough land and efficiency to facilitate better handling.

:: Infiniti Models ::

The success story kept advancing with every phase of production. In 1998, I30 was upgraded to get a more chic appearance. The up gradation involved Bose audio system as well as side impact airbags. G20 was introduced in 1999 with similar powertrain working as of the original one for restoring sales. In 2003, G35 came in and surprised everyone with its mesmerizing presence. The arrival of G35 in 2003 came as even more fortunate, since the lost reputation of Infiniti was regained after this. G35 actually took the place of G20 and helped the brand re establish itself. This was available in 4-door sedan or 2-door coupe, featuring 3.5L V6 and rear or 4-wheel drive.


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The aura of Infiniti is matchless because one gets everything in one package when he buys any of Infiniti’s models. Models like EX35 (or 37), M35 (coupe), and QX series have benefitted the company greatly. To keep the functioning of your Infiniti vehicle intact, we make all the leading brands of Infiniti auto parts and accessories available to you. At 360tuners, you would get the ease of selecting the best accessories for adorning your vehicle. Our collection endows style and urbanity. Our responsibility towards customers is to provide them the highest quality spare parts for maintaining the efficiency level of their vehicles. To meet this standard we, have created a well classified range of Infiniti auto accessories and parts that is rare to find anywhere else.