Hyundai is a Korean automaker that has been luring drivers all over the world with its modernity and affordability. It’s been more than forty years that this name is representing comfort and style by way of its vehicles. It is unquestionable to find oldness in its design when the name itself denotes ‘modernity’. The company was founded in 1947 by Chung Ju Yung but not as automobile manufacturer but an engineering company. It extended till twenty years that Hyundai could only import cars and not assemble them. After the company’s involvement in automotives, the company earned a significant deal of adulation by the consumers. In late 60s, the company signed two-year contract with Ford and the first sedan, ‘Cortina’ was launched. After this, pony got introduced in 1974, which was a Japanese-inspired vehicle. By 1986, Hyundai succeeded to establish strong foothold on the sphere of American automobiles. This was the time when subcompact Excel entered the market, and became instant hit. It was acknowledged for its perfect driving and reasonable price. The sales figure that touched mark of 100,000 within six-eight months testified its success. Its marvelous sales made it to top ten of Fortune Magazine’s product list. Then came a midsize sedan, ‘Sonata’ that was Hyundai’s first venture of manufacturing vehicles with its in-house technology. Although the popularity saw a dip as soon as 90s arrived, yet the company’s efficiency as a producer did not get harmed. The sales declined in number and car buyers turned to other manufacturers, although company tried to retain them by opening additional plants.

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Chung Mong Koo, the son of Cung Ju got ownership from his father in 1998 and more stress was laid on design and quality. All the changes that took place then helped refurbishing the company status. In 2000, Hyundai was well prepared to give new challenges to its competitors. Elantra witnessed pack of improvements that gave a hatchback body-style, power locks, windows, side airbags, power steering, new grille and headlights. In 2001, first sleekly-styled SUV by Hyundai, The Santa Fe was launched. After this Hyundai started shinning again and in 2004, Hyundai was ranked second by J.D. Power and Associates. It was the faultlessness and precision of vehicles that made it popular again. Elegance, safety and moderate prices make Hyundai one of the leading automobile manufacturers of today. The parts that are installed in its vehicle are designed to feed your appetite for a pleasurable ride. To keep the possession of this delight, you have to supply best parts to your Hyundai vehicle. To meet this standard, we work out the best way to make all the necessary parts and accessories available to our clients.


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