Hummer is the name that embodies perfection, whether it is early multipurpose vehicles or the current models. You can take it to most uneven roads and feel the comfort while driving. This was initially built up by AM General and the first model that arrived then was High Mobility Multipurpose Vehicle. The first vehicle for civilians came in 1992 and this was the time when it was acknowledged as Hummer. This brand name was eventually sold to GM by AM General in 1998. All of the marketing activities were taken over by American auto conglomerate. The chief versions of Hummer H1 that company offered in the beginning were four-door hard-top pickup, wagon and convertible. The same vehicle could also be found in two-door pickup as well as a four-door "slant back”. In the beginning of 2000s, GM began to focus on the growth and expansion of smaller adaptations of the Hummer AM General produced H2 in 2003 in Indiana. This is a lightweight vehicle with more length and tallness as compared to H1. In H2, you can sit six people with ease. By the onset of 2006, H1 got acclaimed by many and the company started exporting it to world spread distributors. It expanded the horizon of Hummer and gave a distinct position to this brand. However, H1 was discontinued due to rising fame of small SUVs.

:: Hummer Models ::

In 2006, the company introduced H3, which displayed more comfort and represented a compact version for people who wanted Hummer without buying any uneasiness. This one was short in height and had a short wheelbase too, in comparison with the H1. It got highly praised as mid-size SUV, whereas H2 & H3 got appreciated for truck-bed, which was known as H2T. Both the H2T and H3T were valued as sports utility truck. Hummer has always succeeded to grab drivers’ attention with each of its models. You just cannot take your eyes off it, as the designing and style is splendorous. The toughness of Hummer is worth mentioning. Taking it to most difficult routes is a plain sailing task, as the vehicle is braced with never ending force and unassailable competence. To keep this capacity going, drivers must be cautious about the parts and accessories that they install. We offer unending support by means of our authentic series of Hummer parts and accessories to our customers. It is essential to uphold the status of spare parts for boosting the functionality of a vehicle, so whenever you go for any replacements in your Hummer, look for an authorized vendor who can be trusted for providing you the best quality.


:: Parts & Accessories ::

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