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GMC is one of the most distinguishable names of industry, since a century. The company initially developed military and commercial vehicles and genuine auto parts of GMC. The company was founded as the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company in 1901 by Max Grabowsky, to produce trucks that could meet the commercial requirements of domestic consumers. In 1909, GM purchased it for developing a segment of trucks. Further, the company acquired Reliance Motor Car Company, which was later merged with Rapid Motor Vehicle to form GMC Truck nameplate. The first of their truck was showcased at New York International Auto Show in 1912. In 1925, General Motors bought bus manufacturing company, ‘Yellow Coach’, which was eventually popularized as GM Truck and Coach Division. During World War II, the company assembled around 600,000 US military trucks and got acclaimed as major brand of its realm. The C/K series launched in 1960 became immensely popular due to their strength and aptness. GMC came up with Jimmy, a full sized SUV, which appeared in 1969. Other models including Sprint, Vandura, and the carried-over C/K and B series made GMC hold the ground even in 70s, when oil deprivation forced drivers to use smaller vehicles that consumed less fuel.

:: GMC Models ::

The power and dependability of GMC have attained immense faith of car enthusiasts all over the world. It got recognized as America’s most reliable manufacturer of SUVs and trucks. Jimmy particularly gained enormous attention for GMC, while Safari and C-series also demonstrated success. In 1988, GMC-Sierra, which was a light-duty pickup, got highly praised for its well-built comfort and execution. Because of economic tussle in auto industry, it was assumed that GM would put an end to GMC for mitigating bankruptcy. The capacity with which GMC functions is remarkable; this is why it holds special place as an automaker. All the vehicles, whether it is a sedan, SUV or trucks are made keeping the drivers’ needs in mind. GMC vehicles and parts are credited with quality, which constitutes the most of its USP. The company is dedicated to offer excellence in the form of its automotives and so is the commitment of 360tuners.com. We believe that if your keep the best, you deserve best too. This is not just an assurance but a promise that you get to acquire most excellent GMC parts and accessories from us.


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