Dodge has been acknowledged as the captain of American auto industry. The love and adulation that it has earned is worth mentioning. The company was founded by Dodge brothers, Horace and John in 1900. Initially it indulged in making engine parts for various automobile companies in Detroit. After fourteen years, the point came when Dodge brothers started producing their own line of cars. The dodge model 30 was developed in these times only, which was later turned as direct competitor to Ford’s T. This model presented a 4-cylinder engine that was acclaimed significantly due to its steel body built. It got instantly ratified among driving enthusiasts, which helped dodge brothers hugely in emerging as the most promising manufacturers of the decade. Well the face of dodge changed in 1928, when it came in control of Chrysler and dodge brothers ultimately got the identity of ‘Dodge’. During WWII, Dodge came into view as a leading force by supplying raw material as well as army trucks and hospital wagons. The brand got more visibility after the war period due to booming sales of Heavy-duty, B series and Route Van. This is how Dodge rose above the pack and gained a reputation of being a versatile auto brand. The succession prevailed till many decades and Dodge kept on bringing new models like Dart, Charger, Challenger to market. In 1970, the oil crisis hit the industry badly but Dodge was still able to manage its market quite well. Afterwards, the launch of Carvan and K Car stabilized the position in automotive world.

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Dodge has succeeded to secure an indomitable place for itself with its never ending competence and resourcefulness. The success of Dodge Ram, Dakota, Charger, Challenger, Caliber, and Viper added glitter to the company’s presence. The innovation and adeptness with which the dodge automobiles are empowered are the two elements that stand its vehicles out in the bunch. Drivers’ dependence over Dodge vehicles is testified with the fact that people not only love these cars but deem it a dire need of their life. Another point of jubilance added to Dodge history when the HEMI engine arrived. It is considered the most commendable accomplishment of Dodges by many of auto experts. This engine displayed how 8 cylinders can be put to use effectively and how well the energy can be conserved with it. After an existence of about hundred years, this name is still capable of leaving the driving enthusiasts stunned with its technological advancement and automotive rightness.


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At present, Dodge models are preferred to other vehicles because of their easy availability and high grade performance. The automobiles that come under this name are bold and durable. In the past few years, there has been a considerable growth in the sales statistics of company, in spite of the fact that the nation was going through compelling economic tensity. At 360tuners, you would get all the Dodge parts and accessories that can embellish your vehicle. To maintain the efficiency of your car, it is the primary requisite to install the best spare parts in it. Without having faultless parts, it is not possible to attain precision in your driving too. Especially for truck and SUV drivers, you need to maintain the level of your accessories in order to get the maximum output from your vehicle. We are dedicated to offer you the most suitable parts and accessories that contribute to upgrade your vehicle’s performance.