It’s been more than hundred years that Buick is known for offering the power and exorbitance in their well built vehicles. The company was founded in 1903, by David Dunbar Buick, a Scottish-born Detroit inventor. The first car was two-cylinder model that came a year later and the car with fours cylinder engine arrived in 1907. After William C. Durant bought Buick, the company established its own distinct identification. By 20s, the company brought in Buick with six cylinder engines and four wheel disc brakes. This combination made Buick a well-known brand for providing such wide range of features. Carrying on this succession, Buick manufactured 8-cylinder engines and came out with the first rear-flashing turn signal. Following this, Roadmaster appeared in 1936, which proved to be a great turning point in the history of Buick. Being available as a sedan, coupe, station wagon, and convertible, it gathered ample of popularity for the company. There was an unstable halt due to World War II, but it also ended as soon as the war closed out. Company introduced its first automatic transmission in 1948 and 1950 witnessed the launch of a convertible sedan, Skylark, which had V8 power and a 12 volt electrical system. This was the time when Roadmaster also got a fresh style and a new name, ‘Electra’. The real boom came in when the Buick LeSabre entered automotive world. Furthermore, Riviera, Gran Sport, and Regal added to the fame earned with other models.

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The company kept on devising newer techniques and came up with innovative designs that lured driving enthusiasts. In 70s, Buick developed newer versions of sedan that fitted well in the framework of that period, as economical cars were hugely in demand. Identifying the need of hour and implementing best ways to fight the odds has been their policy, ever since inception. The success of Buick is sustained till date due to its versatile and progressive approach. The competition from overseas brands continued to improve the level of excellence. This is why Buick is recognized as the most reliable and dependable manufacturer in auto industry. To keep the glitz of your Buick vehicle, you must adhere to best spare parts provider, who can offer a comprehensive series. To uplift the performance level of your vehicle, it is important that you personalize your car thoughtfully and do not compromise on the grounds of quality and presentation.


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Buick Strut Bars

Buick Side Bars

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