Cross Floor Bars

At 360tuners, we have a huge variety of cross floor strut bars to ensure that you have every strut bar option available to you. We go out of our way to carry every major line of cross floor strut bars, so that whether you are looking for a front strut bar or a rear strut bar, upper strut bar or lower strut bar or cross floor strut bar , we've got it for you. The cross floor bar kit will reduce the body flexes that occurs during cornering. It creates reinforcement between each side of the chassis. The bar is mounted on the floor between the front and rear seats. The cross floor bar kit will maintain a stiffer center of gravity and a locking motion in your armature. The overall suspension and handling will increase by 15%. This product is used by all professional drift racers. This cross floor strut bar adds the additional benefit of increasing chassis stiffness across the mid-section of the car, and designed to function without interfering with the operation of the stock factory back seat. Whether you want to try something new or need to find an item you have always wanted, in our extensive array of strut bars, not a single component is off-limits. From the efficient protection to ultimate comfort, our line of cross floor strut bar keeps your vehicle comfy. We have the products your car is waiting for. No matter what accessories you need, at 360tuners, we want you to be spoiled for choice, which is why we go all out to get you car accessories and parts that fit your every need.