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04-06 Scion xB 1.5L L4 F/I Cold Air Intake System - (Gunmetal Gray)| by AEM (PART#21-567C)
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04-06 Scion xB 1.5L L4 F/I Cold Air Intake System - (Gunmetal Gray)04-06 Scion xB 1.5L L4 F/I Cold Air Intake System - (Gunmetal Gray)
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  • 04-06 Scion xB 1.5L L4 F/I Cold Air Intake System - (Gunmetal Gray)
  • 04-06 Scion xB 1.5L L4 F/I Cold Air Intake System - (Gunmetal Gray)
  • 04-06 Scion xB 1.5L L4 F/I Cold Air Intake System - (Gunmetal Gray)
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Product#: 1003995ENG

Manufacturer#: 21-567C

Brand: AEM

This item fits the model years: 04, 05, 06 (2004, 2005, 2006)

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The air that a cars engine sucks while running makes a huge impact on its performance. The positivity or the negativity of the impact depends on the quality of the air fed to the engine. Cold air intakes offer more efficiency as the air they send to the engine is denser and molecules of oxygen are tightly bound with each other and result in improved performance of the engine. There are a lot of air intake systems available in the market these days and some can actually increase the horse power of the engine of your car. Modern cars and other vehicles have air intake systems which comprises of different parts, some systems are very complex and have specially developed intake manifolds that divide air into different cylinders and thus increase the power.

A cold air intake system is used for boosting the speed of their cars by maximum car owners. It is also known as racing equipment which is used to low the temperature of the air by entering the engine of any car as it carries cold air to the engine. We know the fact that cold air is denser than the hot air, more air is able to enter the engine which leads to better combustion of the fuel. It also increases the horsepower of the engine through the cold air entering the engine. It is necessary for the engine to perform better in order provide maximum utilization to other parts of the car. It provides cold air, which is denser and warmer to the engine. It expands when heated greater and less fuel consumption. It also maximizes the horsepower and the torque generated from the engine. The stock installed systems are only designed to reduce the noise coming from the engine.

AEM cold air intake systems have cutting-edge features that render them the best in their league. The inlets are made of lightweight aircraft aluminum and are mandrel bent for better airflow. The brackets and fittings are TIG-welded for additional durability. The perfect kit owes its perfection to the utilization of a complete soft-mount hardware kit. The DRYFLOW air filter is up to 99.5 percent efficient and works independent of filter oil. The DRYFLOW air filter is combined to the air take engine tuned in diameter and length to match the significance of engines intake. Every AEM air intake system comes with the oil-free, innovative, high flow AEM DRYFLOW air filter. The AEM DRYFLOW filter is constructed of a unique non-woven polyester-based filter media supported by aluminum screen wire for rigid structural strength. The DRYFLOW filter is extremely durable and will withstand almost unlimited cleanings.

  • Horsepower and torque adds to your sport compact in a flash
  • Custom-designed and engineered model and engine
  • Employ mandrel-bent 6061 aluminum intake tubes for the smoothest airflow
  • AEM's hassle-free topped DRYFLOW Filter that's easy to wash and reuse
  • Built strong with TIG-welded fittings and brackets
  • Available in your choice of Gunmetal Gray or Polished
  • Comprehensive instructions and a full soft-mount hardware kit make installation an easy DIY project
  • C.A.R.B. exempt for 50-state street legal use or pending exemption
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Short Ram Intake Kit
  • AEM Short Ram Intake is covered by a Lifetime Warranty
  • Turn hot air into cold breeze
  • Maximum power boost without putting engine component